Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TA, CA and leaving!

Ugh I post on Facebook but then forget about here!  So to catch you up -

We received TA on Thursday 3/13.  We knew our drop dead date was 3/14 so I was shocked when they called and we actually made our timeline!

We are with Madison and half of their staff is in China right now.  We have expressed our desire to travel over our kids spring break for a month.  Needless I was shocked when she mentioned that she wasn't sure if our in CHina person could make the arrangements in the time allotted so we could have a 3/24 gotcha.

But it worked AND I happened to get an email Thursday evening that we received our requested CA appt of 4/1!!

By Friday morning I had confirmation that we could in fact get Dawson on 3/24 -

GOD!  Only GOD! could get everything lined up (including flights) in less than 24 hours!!

For some reason flights are packed - we used adoptionairfare.com (we used someone else last time and found he doesn't really do well with quick turn arounds etc.)

They found us super reasonable rates but not the best flight - especially.  When we tried changing things around flights rose by at least $1000 a piece.  It requires us to be gone a tiny bit longer AND spending 2 nights in Beijing (this was our choice versus flying for almost 40 hours at a time.

SOOOO, we leave THURSDAY at 6 am!!

Spend a few hours in LAX and straight to Beijing.  We will spend a few days on our own in Beijing without a guide but frankly - loved their transit system and I am really not to worried about it.

Sunday - we fly to Nanning, Guangxi province (southern most China) - for some reason there were no flights form hong kong to here without taking about 24 hours ?!?!

MONDAY!! 3/24 - we get Dawson - PLEASE if you think about pray for his little heart.  I can't even look at my older kids and imagine asking them to do what this amazing boy will soon do.  I know in my heart its the right thing for him but still.

Friday - 4/28 - we fly to Guangzhou

Friday 4/4 we fly HOME!!

The biggest praise - ALL of our rooms are FREE (we did pay for an upgrade in GZ)!  We have the marriott card and transferred ALL of our month bills, and living expenses on this card.  We had 2 certificates from promos over the summer. This is the first in province time we are also staying at a Marriott!

I can not believe that this boy (these pics are from his 2008 file) will finally have a family again.  I am absolutely prepared for the worst but am praying for the best.  God sent us on this journey.  This boy has waited so very long.  We are exceptionally blessed that he will become our son!


  1. Praising God with you for all the ways He's working this out........and praying for Dawson's heart.

  2. I am so excited for you. I will keep your family and Dawson in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Excited to hear that you are on your way in the morning. Praying for you all!

  4. So exciting! Thanks for updating us non-facebook people! :-) I have added a note to my phone calendar to pray for Dawson on the 24th (I figure God is outside time, so he can deal with the time difference ;-)) Looking forward to whatever further updates you can share.