Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our son

Let me just say that having an 11 year allowed to make such a life changing decision as being adopted is not for the faint of heart. We were at the notary, answered all of the questions and then were informed she needed to talk to Dawson privately. We went across the hall and Baum looks at me with pure white face and tears in his eyes - "do you think he is going to say yes mom?" Oh my heart. I about wanted to cry then too. 

The. On to civil affairs. We were there for hours but his teacher was there also - she remembered when he arrived. We found out he didn't cry when he was found. He wasn't walking. He didn't want to walk and would cry every time they tried to get him to walk. She said he didn't walk until he was 3 or 4. Three is about the delayed timeline for dwarfs. All clues towqrds trying to figure out his age. We found out a ton of other information  all which was very nice to have. 

He made his red handprint and signed the papers!!

They had an official ceremony and then pics after. The lady on the far right is his teacher and next to her is the civil affairs lady. Both extremely nice

Then we walked 3-4 blocks after getting back to the hotel - to a huge and very ritzy mall (the one next to the marriott nanning is closed for refurbishing)

We sat down at Pizza Hut and Dawson ordered spagetti. Let's just say he will need to be enrolled in mommy boot camp for manners lol. Even Brahm states at him with huge eyes!

There was a nice skating rink in the mall and Dawson was fascinated!

Not sure if you can see but they are using a hose and snow shovels to clean the ice!

We found this amazing grocery store  called Ole. Think an overpriced wild oats. A lb of cherries was 662 yuan!!  Still they had everything we do in the US!


  1. I've been praying and checking back often. He looks so happy! I hope things go well and Dawson adjusts as easily as possible!

  2. OH HAPPY DAY!!!! Beautiful!!!! To God be the Glory!

  3. Dawson is such a handsome boy!!!! And good for him for having the courage to sign those papers!! What a wonderful outcome!

  4. I've been thinking of you and praying for you and Dawson and Brahm (I hope his cough/ear issues have cleared up - I know what it's like to fly with ear pain!) - so glad to hear the first major hurdle is over. Congratulations on your son! :-)