Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flights - lax, china post Beijing

We are a few days behind but wanted to still post this information for future references.

We flew from colorado to lax - last time it seemed like not such a big deal - we must have landed right next to the international terminal and our Cathay flight was in the first building you got to. For lax it has to be the worst laid out plan I have ever seen. You leave the terminal you fly into - go outside and walk the corridor until you find the heading for your airline.

Most of the china flights are in the very first terminal ( which is still a good 1/3-1/2 mile from where we landed).   I was dumb and had Brahms backpack. I also had my camera bag and large purse. I decided we should carry 2 days worth of clothes after hearing several people with delayed bags. We were dying before we even got out of the first terminal. Luckily we found a luggage cart left curbside and I loaded up the bags and Brahm. I am also glad we had a 4 hour layover. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get to our 2 gate and I walk fast once we had our cart.

We went in the first international terminal ( we landed at the 9 on a clock and say the first is at the 12). Went inside found out it housed all flights for china except air china. I was so thrilled I had chosen the elevator and kept my cart. We went up to the 4 the floor and out onto the street again. We had to go building 2 they said. The building were in reverse order and I wanted to cry when I next saw building 3 ugh.

By the time we spotted building 2 we were at the 6 on the clock face or basically we had walked just about the perimeter of lax. Although we had boarding passes we found out we had to re checkin.

Supposedly there is a shuttle but no one could tell me where to get it or what it looked like.

So far we have flown united, Cathay and air china and we have not seen a huge difference that would make me say yes pay more for this airline.

Air china has TV in the seat but we couldn't find the vides game remote. The seats laid back like on us planes versus cathays that lower portion moves forward. They also have these little metal footrest that fold out and with a backpack under were perfect!  Food was fine and similar to cathays flight last year.

Beijing -
I'm not sure if I mentioned but we brought 2 dish pack size boxes of donations for starfish foster homes. I checked before leaving and knew that Beijing airport has a china post inside. What I didn't think of was - oh yeah they don't call it china post. So here I am with 2 carts ( they are free which is nice). Brahm can push one but not see over. We walk the stinking airport with no success. I finally am told first floor - but there are 2. The bottom 1st floors has taxis and I think screw it I will have the marriott concierge help me. Except I find out it will be 600 yuan and knew marriott already said not to pay over 100.  Back inside we go for one last try. Finally find a younger girl who points us in the right direction. 

We head down where it looks like everything is closed and I know it has to be after 6. I start praying they are open. And they are!!  People they were so nice. Wrote out the forms for me,  they do open the boxes to check contents. Then reaped them. I sent slowboat and both boxes were only $45 combined. Best part I had no yuan and they were able to take my dollars!  Here is the pic to show if you want to find china post. It is on 1 f not B and past where you see the opening downstairs for taxi. 

Got to the hotel finally for 98 yuan - I still only had dollars and the bell hop ran in and exchanged my dollars for me. Guess I should have taken care of that before leaving home lol


  1. So happy you made it! New York or Maybe it is New Jersey has a stupid terminal set up like that where you have to walk and go outside and enter a new building. Hope all is going well!

  2. Thanks for sharing! This will be handy for our own trip soon!