Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We have him

He was there when we arrived early. They didn't want us to see him which was awkward but he was happy to see us. Recognized us from pics. I am praying this is a good sign that he wants to join our family. 

He and Brahm are 2 peas in a pod. Brahm is so excited I am sure he is annoying the crap out of Dawson. He repeats a ton and knows a few English words. So far he is easily redirected and sensitive to voice tone

They had fun playing ipad and are now watching pleasant goat. It really is different getting an older child. 

His future sized shoes are gone and he chose the kerns we brought over the crocs

Brahm stands taller but Dawson sits taller and probably was triple what Brahm does!

Oh and the van cracked me up. 

It was like the consummate swag wagon. Between that and the disco music in the elevators I feel like I have transported back in time!


  1. I am so sorry - I immediately wrote this and didn't realize it didn't post!

  2. I've been in that van! :D my Katie is from Guangxi. Did you have Amby and David as your guides?