Sunday, March 23, 2014

Waiting, waiting, waiting - catching up

Let me just say I like Sunday gotcha days Bette and then morning ones, because frankly 3 pm gotcha sucks.

As I unpacked my bags last night (we had our beijing clothes in our carry on bags).  I found a little white bag I didn't recognize.  As I opened it up I couldn't believe my eyes.

My 12 year old was our largest obstacle in our adopting Dawson. Although we don't allow our children to make these types of decisions we wanted to be sensitive to her feelings.  However, when we realized she was against our adopting for selfish reasons then we had some lessons in store for her.

Fast forward to February and she showed us a fundraising sheet for their art program.  I could tell by her impish smile that something was up.  When I looked at the sheet, I got tears in my eyes.  She had drawn this amazing picture.  I thought it would be perfect for getting Dawson - however, orders weren't even due until mid march.  I did email the art teacher asking if we could pay for it to be rushed, the size etc but never heard anything back.

The white package was not only snuck into my bag by my daughter, but paid for with her allowance.  Our difficult kiddo had come full circle.  It could not have been a more amazing present.


Our flight to nanning became disastrous as we started to descend. Brahm has been getting sicker and sicker.  It culminated with terrible ear pain upon descending.  I was proud of him for not screaming his head off, but his giant tears broke my heart.  We tried everything, yawning, gulping water, massage, pulling on his ears, holding his breath and blowing - but still terrible pain.

He looked terrible, had a fever and was becoming lethargic (not alarmingly so).  I couldn't find any my go to alka seltzer cold tablets, and no matter how hard I tried we couldn't get brahm to swallow a pill (he is a medicine pita - makes me crazy). So I gave him some Benadryl and checked him all night .  I knew we were just a block from Walmart but chose to wait until this morning to see if they had anything for him.

He was a little better this morning - praise God. Still, I almost started singing alleluia when the first little store upon descending the escalator into Walmart was a pharmacy.  I pointed at his ears, and made coughing noise.  They handed my on box I couldn't decipher at all.  Then I pointed to his ears again and I almost cried when I looked at the box and realized it was pediatric Zithromax!

They even had enough of a dosage chart, and checking the internet we figured out what to do..  It's granules so we finally realized we needed to mix them with a drink.  Praying this will clear up his croupier sounding cough, and ear issues.


Besides worrying about brahm all night, I was up every about hour worrying about poor Dawson.  Was he nervous, scared, excited. Praying constantly for his heart.  I am not sure I could do this at his age.

As for my, I a, so glad I know what to wear - Morgan sure made that easy for me - because I have changed my hair about 12 times today.  This way I look to old, or to young.  Don't want my hair in the way when I meet him.

It's stupid stuff, because truly I so worried about how this is going to go.  When I was a nurse my friend took all the older kids and I took all the babies.  How did I get here adopting an 11 year old.  Will he hate me?  Will this be a huge disaster.  I do find that because this is so not where I thought I would be right now that I so know its God.

When I awoke at 2:30 and waited for the melatonin to kick in, I read one of my Beth Moore freebies from iBooks.  Believing god.  It truly could not have been a better item to read the night before meeting our 3rd oldest son.

Having gone through the good, bad and truly ugly, I am praying desperately that this is a good adoption.  That Dawson comes completely into our family.  I am also completely aware that this could be as bad as cav's adoption or even worse.  Regardless, we know God is with us.  He has had his hand in this adoption since the beginning.  He has a plan for our boy.

I found a necklace for Dawson that explains it all "plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jer 29:11. Ultimately that is why we are here.


  1. So praying for you and for your new son. Praying it will be an easy transition. May his heart know that you are his family.

  2. Praying for his heart to accept you right away and for God to comfort him. And for you too! :-)

  3. I do hope your gotcha went smoothly, that your new boy is doing okay and that Brahm is feeling better! I hope everyone is feeling peace right now as you journey through this day. I'm sure it's a busy day with everything you have to do in order to bring your boy home. Best wishes and prayers for all.