Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beijing airport

My favorite are the mJust a few quicky points about Beijing. I worried a tad when I realized I would have to check in myself for our flight to nanning - but no worries. They sent me to the special services desk when I showed them my flight info. 

The helpful lady checked us in, took out bags which were closet to 50 lbs than 44 since it now contained rocks lol. 

We got to our gate plenty early. Again all of their carts are free. Security does require you to take out your cameras AND lenses - we got detained and I was sweating bullets one of our market treasures was illegal lol!

Loved these carts for little ones with plenty of storage for carryon.  

Drinks are cheap at 3.50 or 4 yuan

There is also a KFC in terminal c.

My favorite are the water fountains where you can get hot, warm or cold water and paper cups are provided. 

Lastly, there are tons of places to charge icrap. 

Oh and all announcements are in English also. All this to say that you to can do Beijing without a guide if you have to!

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