Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Snapshot - tears & joy

AS I stood looking over our brood today I laughed at how much we have changed in jsut a year.

It has been an emotional weekend AND I have cried rivers!

  1. We celebrated Cav's 4th birthday on Saturday.  (joy)
  2. It was also the 1 year anniversary of when we chose to follow God's path to a sweet little baby who had been on the shared list for over half his life.  We sent LOI for Cav on his 3rd birthday. (tears)
  3. When we asked Cav about his birthday - he went up to his room and brought back the picture of the cake we sent him in November (of course I cried again.)
  4. I had asked for prayers that the weather would be nice for his party.  I made the decision to cancel his party at 10am.  At 4 when his party would have started, the clouds parted and it was beautiful.  Trusting in Him is still something I struggle with still.  He has such incredible plans for this boy of ours.  We still celebrated with one family - our go to family LOL!
  5. Our sweet baby Tao turned 2 today (rivers of tears)
  6. Another birthday missed, another child not celebrated, arms aching. (ugly cry)
  7. My big kids are so incredible, their hearts so wonderful. (joy)
  8. All day my littles would run to me with their special items they made for me. (my heart exploding)
  9. My sweet husband put together an organizing system for the littles toys (I love this man)
  10. By the time Tao comes home we will have doubled the number of our children in one year
AND I feel so incredibly blessed that THIS is the life God meant for me!

Happy 4th Birthday big Guy, we feel so incredibly blessed to have you as part of our family!!

All shot inside with Canon and my 50mm - fiddled in Lightroom trying to create a yummy B&W!

Ni Hao Yall

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