Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Flight Path!

I absolutely LOVE May ~ we live directly across from the Air Force Academy and all week the Thunderbirds have been practicing for Graduation tomorrow.  Our house (partially because it is open space) is on the flight path.

The unmistakeable sounds,
the smoke clouds,
did I mention the sounds
. . . the all mean summer is HERE!!

Yesterday we walked out of preschool and 2 jets flew right in front of us!

Can I say there is nothing cuter than my little Fei jumping up & down squealing in delight!!

THe triangle is the gorgeous Air Force Academy Chapel

Pikes Peak ~ still covered in snow

 Fly over!!

Love this pic!

Love this of my little man running out to make his own picture!

Oh and his Gracie!


  1. Oh my kids would LOVE that! Whenever we go through the Springs they are excited just to see the trainers flying around!

  2. Stop by we would love to have you over!! You should see people this week, everyone walks around looking at the sky and traffic can be scary BUT I love that people still stop and watch the splendor!

  3. Oh I have to show these pictures to my son. He is being recruited by the AFA! The pictures are fabulous!