Friday, May 11, 2012

Updates and prayers

I-800A ~ YEAH!  We were able to walk in this morning and got our fingerprints done in about 15 minutes!  I immediately called to have them add this information to our file, so we hope to be approved soon!  Kind of getting excited - so close, jsut a few more steps.

Tao ~ Our kids couldn't believe that we were already almost done with the paperwork.  It was nice because we were able to use their comments as a teaching moment about God and His ability to move mountains.  I hope once little man Tao is home, they will always be able to look at him and remember the mountains that God moved to bring Tao home  and what HE will do for them.

Brahm ~ Please pray for my sweet little guy.  AS you saw in the movie yesterday he LOVES jumping out of the swing.  Today his sleeve got caught and he landed on his back.  I went through the whole body check, BUT he is now complaining about a headache.  Please pray for this sweet, sweet angel of mine, he has such an incredible spirit but such a tiny body (barely 30 lbs at almost 6).

Cav ~ His BIG day is tomorrow - his 4TH Birthday.  As the day has gotten closer we have gotten more and more excited.  

He also gets it.  Today he brought daddy the picture we had printed of his cake we sent to China.

We invited several of our little friends to come celebrate the day (although not a true birthday party as we have found it is to stressful still for them.)  Just pizza, . . . pop (our kids never get pop LOL), . . . cookies and playing outside on the tramp, swingset and his very special present!

Since Cav & Tao's birthday are a day apart (and we had rewards to use up) we got them something that we thought Cav can use shortly after his surgery.

BUT it's supposed to SNOW! 
ugh are you kidding me!

Please pray that the weather patterns change and we can still have our friends come over at 4pm on Sat.

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