Saturday, May 26, 2012

Groupon - Swim!

I love Groupon and living social although I have learned that I am not the best at redeeming the certificates LOL!  BUT we have been wanting to do swim lessons through this company for years - but frankly we didn't have the disposable income.

One thing about my children with dwarfism - they are TOP heavy.  Brahm has NO body fat so the child jsut SINKS!  I am talking two floaties and the kid is jsut barely above the water.

Yesterday was the 1st lesson for Cav and the 2nd for Brahm and FeiFei.

Apparently water is . . . um not fun in China?!?!  THey haven't done very well any of the times we have tried getting inot the water, it's actually pretty sad.  So this time around I talked it up BIG! and also bribed with a happy meal LOL!

We had the MSOT awesome instructor for Brahm.  She figured out that because his head is so big (as in normal size for a 6 year old on a 2 year old body,) he has to have his head in the correct position to counterbalance his body.  He GOT it and the rest is history.  I was crying tears of joy for that little guy!

FeiFei finally was ok blowing bubbles in the water AND she is great at the starfish float LOL!

Cav - first let me remind you of the child who screamed at the plants in fear when we picked him up.  He was amazing!  He finally figured out how to blow out and NOT drink the entire pool!  He did jsut amazing.  We chose to do one lesson before his surgery and the other two after surgery.

Ok this child has the squishiest face I have ever seen, 
I was dieing laughing trying to get his swim cap and goggles on 
so he could open his yees LOL!

DOn't mind the pink cap, 
he was supposed to go first and I had 1 pink, 1 blue cap 
and no way was Brahm going to wear pink LOL!

Also Brahm graduated from kindergarten
I would be sad but oh yeah we get to this again
 next year, 
and the next year 
and then a few years later bwaahaa!

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