Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Announcing our newest little guy has weighed very heavily on us.  Last year we did not receive the best reactions.  We have learned that most people don't always know what to say on the spot.  Tao has become such a normal part of our children's speech that we also knew keeping him a secret until travel jsut wasn't going to work.

Although we still thought showing up at Christmas dinner with him would be hysterical we decided we should probably send the announcement now, before we saw most of our family over the summer.

Heehee it was a surprise but the title page gave everything away and I didn't realize it until I hit send LOL!

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God has been so good to us, AND in this particular need He also has shown us His Grace.  

Funny, this is the sermon series we are going through right now, and I'm not sure if I am starting to look for His grace in more areas or truly He is showering us with an extraordinary amount of His grace - but it feels like sunshine and a giant hug!


  1. I for one and thrilled to see another child getting their forever family. Adoption is not for everyone but it sure has changed our lives (for the better) and I love your posts that clearly shows the same for you. Dwarfism especially is near and dear to me as we were blessed exactly 1 year ago by adding him to our family and haven't looked back.

    I'm sorry if you get negative comments or people thinking you're crazy (probably are!! LOL) but you know what God is having you do and I'm so happy that you're listening.

    Can't wait for you to travel again!!! I'm super jealous as my hubby has said NO MORE!


  2. I have had to come to understand that when others react negatively that its really about them. That THEY would not do this, that this does not make sense to THEM. It often scares them or makes them uncomfortable, so they project these feelings onto you. My quesiton is why they feel a need to voice it, that part I'm not sure. (I think they assume you are to ignorant to see the error you are making and need them to point it out : ) )
    As another adoptive parent who has adopted two kids with SN I totaly understand what you are doing and am thrilled this little boy will be joining your family. You would not be doing this if you did not think you could handle it or it would be a good thing for your family. Looking forward to hearing about when this newest one gets home.