Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tournament weekends

Love, Love, Love this little guy.  He cracks me up in the car

"Hey Ma,!"

I turn at the stoplight and he is sitting with his foot in the cup holder LOL!

It is Lacrosse tournament time - that means LOTS and LOTS of driving!

We left this morning at 5:30 AM for a stinking 8 am game in Denver - but I took my early risers (can you say joyful, happy children) with us and then daddy met us later with the others.

So thankful for an absolutely gorgeous weekend, lots of friends and truly one of the most spectacular games I have seen in a long time losing in quadruple overtime!

Tao loves hats, and the kids on Tristan's team love him!

I turn around to

"Look, Tao looks like a homey!!"

Four more weekends of tournament play to go!  Hope your weekend was Blessed

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  1. I can only imagine you never get tired of his cute little smile. I feel happy every time you post a picture of his sweet face.