Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A step forward

Here is what I heard everyday from a certain little boy
As the time passed, the concept didn't change it jsut got longer.

Mom, I will be good today,
"oh I am so glad"
Mom, I won't scream in school today,
"oh good, because who missed out on fun"
Me . . .
Mom, I love you
"I love you too Buddy"
Mom, I need socks.

Ugh and that is where the problem lies.
And maybe I am the one at fault.
Because this same conversation (besides the screaming in school)
Happens all day long


Mom, blah, blah, blah
I love you,
I need food or socks, or toy or any of a hundred other things.

And every time he says Ma, I love you I pray in that second it isn't going to be followed up by anything else.

And every time, we go over explaining to him that all he has to ask for is the item.

Am I thrilled for his language - of course,
Am I thrilled he even utters the words - ya betcha,
But still my heart breaks for him.

Until today when I heard
Ma, I need socks please!!

You betcha!!


  1. Woo-hoo! I just love his sweet face. So happy for you both.

  2. Oh that's awesome! So happy for the great progress!


  3. Oh hooray, hooray for Mama!! Hooray, hooray for Cav! Those biggest steps - they come in tiny packages, but oh the joy they bring!

  4. Love the smile! And the progress!

  5. A big HUGE YEAH!!!! for that step forward, praise Jesus!