Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New mom goof

So when Tao's hand surgery had to be rescheduled (he and Cav were scheduled for surgery same day - God knew my limits LOL)

Anyhow, they asked if May 10th was available

I had a nagging feeling I had SOMETHING that week but what


yeah can't think of it so go ahead and schedule him.

Can you believe it took me until last WEEK to realize what it was!

Because now we have
Surgery Friday May 10th
Mother's day Sunday May 12th
CAV's BIRTHDAY - Sunday May 12th
AND Tao's
MONDAY May13th.

I swear mother of the year award this year heehee

1 comment :

  1. I have done stuff like this. Not surgery, but other stuff. You are just a busy mom. The good think is birthdays can always be held on other days. Tao is so small he wouldn't know if you pushed out the date a few days. Hang in there!