Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tao's surgery

First I have been asked and I am sure I have not clarified here.  Stinking baby goes by Tao - he knows his name is also Griffen however he won't answer to it.  If you ask him if he name is Griffen he says "Nooooo, I TaoTao."

You would think with 5 surgeries in one year - several being major - I would be used to this.

But as usual I had my crying pity party this morning - as in ugly cry in the shower.  Woke up and was freaked, so much so that my husband called the Pastor to confirm that encase something happened to our sweet angel he would go to Heaven.

Stinking Satan found a crack and split it wide open LOL.

It was his stinking dimples that did me in - the ones we never knew we had until we were sitting in China with our poor scared little guy and my goofy 14 year old made him giggle despite his fear.

THose gorgeous unexpected dimples showed and I remember the world standing still - until I scared him again and he cried LOL.

And this morning - I allowed stinking Satan in and all I could think of is never seeing those dimples again.  That and could I really be so lucky to have 5 surgeries and no complications?

And it is so stupid - yes he is high risk (dwarfs are very high risk for anesthesia until they are about 5.)

BUT Denver CHildren's let me hand pick his anesthesthesiologist (the same who did Fei's surgery.)

Anyhow, got over my self.

And then had a fabulous day with my little man.

We had orthodontist appointments for the 3 oldest.
Tao was fascinated - and Tristan was his usual awesome self letting the baby
sit on his lap while they took an impression!

THen we took Cav & Fei to school and the big kids conned me into a sit down lunch
(we try to do the orthodontist over lunch time)

Love these two!

Then we dropped Morgan off at school and the boys conned me into playing hookie the rest of the day

So we went and got haircuts!

Heehee I think I am becoming soft in my old age LOL!  Good thing it is the end of the school year!

Please keep Tao in your prayers in the morning.  He is jsut getting his extra thumbs removed and possible the same tendon transfer Cav had (because really God has a sense of humor LOL!)


  1. While I can't promise everything will be OK it will be OK because it is in Gods hands. Hang in there!
    Will be keeping baby Griffen (Tao)in my prayers!


  2. Praying for him and you, too!

  3. Hey! I don't know if you've ever seen the show The Little Couple on TLC, but they are adopting two kids with dwarfism from China and India and I thought of you!