Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spirit of Flight

We had a crazy day today - I thought maybe our school did a special "Continuation" ceremony for our 5th and 8th graders because . . . well it's a K-12th so really they don't get the joy of attending a new school next year, jsut a different part of the building.  However, it seems this is the thing to do!

So Daddy took of work, and we all went this morning to Morgan's 5th grade.  Can I jsut say I am shocked at how grown up these girls look LOL!  So proud of the young lady our daughter has become.  From the Kindergartener who had someone sit with her for 30 min every day to try and get her to learn her numbers and colors, to the 2nd grader who started the year barely able to sound out ANYTHING!  To today when she received a presidential award for academic achievement!

I am not kidding when my husband and I were not saving for college for this girl but a dowery LOL!
Tall, beautiful leader who is learning that there is so much more to the world than what she feels.  If you have a child who struggles and every color you ask her is green yet she has been accessorizing her outfits since she was two, then please hold hope in our Morgan.  THe road is NOT easy, or typical BUT it also is not the end!

(Note to others focusing jsut on Morgan was to much for Cav so he had to go home for the rest of the day.  I would not have thought this would have been an issue but the crowds, changes in schedule etc really set him off.)

Tristan ~ the boy who we were sure would never get out of middle school when he entered 3 years ago.  Not only has our family changed but he really has stepped into the role incredibly.  Our friends are Hawaiian and had Leis flown in for the continuation ceremony - what a special and amazing treat!!

In walks our son in his freshly pressed shirt, tie AND SHORTS!?!?!  Dude, I know for a fact I pressed not one but 2 pairs of your pants today and none were shorts!!

Heehee but oh did he learn a lesson on being prepared for the unexpected!!

Midway through the ceremony they called him forward - he HAD no idea what was going on nor did al the other eight kids!!  (And yes I checked the other kids outfits to make sure he wasn't being called out for improper dressing LOL!)

THe other kids were called forward for their special awards and then Tristan and the girl in the white dress were left standing there with no award and no idea what they were up there for.

THe AP told the story of how the next award was developed.

He had been at a track meet, hurdles in fact.  The boy tripped, ripping open his knee.  Instead of quitting, he looked at his knee, wiped away the blood and kept on running.  Outside the school is a statue of a child throwing a paper airplane.  Thus the name of the award - Spirit of Flight.

Sure enough Tristan and the girl were both the recipients of this award.

You know there are days I have worried about that child, I have worried about the choices our family has made by adopting these children.  Not only expanding our family, but also the needs.  THe time he has missed school so he could come to CHina with me.  The decision not to play on the competitive basketball team because the money wasn't there as airline prices soared.  The friends, the girls, the mishaps.  I think as mothers we worry in our little bubble and never realize what others see.

But you know his friends, his teachers see the boy with feet entirely to big, holding his new little brother.  His friends accepting his family, merely because this boy of ours is so openly accepting and loving.  Our son who hears the stupid comments and has learned to realize adults aren't perfect.  THey see our family cheering from the sidelines eventhough he may not be the top athlete among incredible athletes.  He is in one of those year groups people talk about - they excel at everything.

And with one award, one little plaque with his name written across I realized that he will be ok.  Sure we will still have bumps but this boy I couldn't potty train for the life of me, and I was sure would go to college wetting the bed.

He has become my hero.

And our littlest supporter in daddy's arms!

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  1. You should be so very proud! What an amazing young man!!!