Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Alter

This journey we have been on has been one of great blessings and of great change.  Little Griffen has been such a jewel but oh does God use this little guy to dispel all of those horrid impressions people have of adoption.  He is like a fisherman - reeling the ladies in like a master.

Anyhow, because he is so easy and so good we recently started Bible Study Fellowship   I know for a fact this is exactly where I need to be right now.  I have several very good friends who love my children in the child care center.  Anyhow, little man comes with me for half the time, and then I get an hour with him safely being loved on by my friends (and his biggest champions) just down the hall.

Anyhow, this hour by myself allows me to listen to the lesson and reflect without the fog that comes with ensuring my little angel is not getting into trouble.

BSF is doing the book of Genesis this year - I know ugh right - yeah not so much.  I have learned so much from the lessons I have done and they relate to me EVERY single week - gotta love when God is right there.

SO this week was about when Abraham took Isaac up the mountain to be sacrificed - his single ONLY precious child, his legacy and the fulfillment of his promise.

AS the lecture went on I was hit by a freight train.

The most interesting dichotomy of adoption in bringing a new child into ones home.  When people are pregnant ALL they hope for is a healthy child.  However, there is a huge a group of people - ordinary ones with no special training, who specifically seek out children who have special needs, some with incredibly great needs.

The light bulb moment.

We all welcome children into our lives knowing within months we will have to place that child upon the alter just as Abraham was asked to place his beloved son on the alter.

We could just love these new children never seeking the treatment that has so far been withheld from them but we have promised to provide them with the best medical care.   This also requires us to place our child on the proverbial alter AND trusting God to return our child back to us.

With each new child, each surgery and hospital stay I see people in the adoption community rally around these extraordinary parents, sending words of love, prayer and thanksgiving.  Holding their children close and cherishing the incredibleness of life.


  1. You have such wonderful insight. I'm glad you get this chance to reflect and recharge and direct the good energy you have as a Mom, Wife and woman. :)

  2. I have soooo felt that this week with Darren!!!