Friday, February 22, 2013

Redeeming orphans

You know when you are in the trenches 
and you are jsut trying to put one foot in front of the other - 
your vision is clouded.

I have to say I was shocked when I saw this picture again the other day.


Oh my heart breaks when I see this picture, and our boy that was so emaciated.  I hesitated sharing it, but I also want you to see what our boy looked like 
NINE months home.
Remember we had to shave his head because he cut the front OFF!
He was so heartbreakingly thin when we got him, 
and we worked 
and worked
and worked to put meat on his bones.

His gut was ravaged by 
chronic giardia,
and indifference.

Now that I can look back I can say that it took us 11 months of 
strong antibiotics,
good nutrition
and love
before his body could finally absorb the food we were feeding him.

How many more before we can erase the damage to his soul?

What would have become of this boy of ours?

No, four year old should have to endure the life this child has, 
the abandonment, 
the heartache, 
the neglect.

HE is why God places the lonely in families, 
HE is why God asks us to care for the Widows and Orphans.
not to jsut adopt
but to care, 
to see this picture and know that this child is the child of not just one but TWO mothers.
HE is not an anonymous face 
but the boy who inspires people everyday.

HE is proof of God's LOVE & Redemption.


  1. I am so thankful God brought him home to you.

  2. Yvette, Our Bubbly has been home for THREE YEARS now and it's still not gone. I think it fades a little, but sadly, I think the trauma, the soul ripping fear about food, family and love (or lack there of) rears its ugly head whenever change happens. As he grows, is able to communicate better and learns about permanency, things will change. Hang in there!!!