Sunday, February 10, 2013


These two's souls speak to each other.  The other night Brahm wasn't feeling the best (he hurt) and it was time for Griffen to go to sleep, so they both crawled into my bed and this is what I found.  I HAD to grab my big camera and not wanting to wake them up I bumped the ISO all the way up to 1600 and
wait for it
wait for it!
I moved the little button I had once seen on the side
from Auto focus to MANUAL focus!

(cuz the stinking camera couldn't focus with only the light from the TV behind me)
I also learned I probably need some stronger contacts because I would focus snap, look at the back 
(I'm blind as a bat as it is LOL!)

BUT I love how these came out.

And for you photography folks give me your opinion on the big bed one - it isn't in 1/3's but I loved the look of the expansiveness of the bed compared to my 2 little dwarfs LOL!

Ni Hao Yall


  1. They are so blessed to have eachother. What a great photo of their bond.

  2. So sweet! Great job on the Manual focus!

  3. Oh my... I love this picture. Our favorite line here is that brothers are even better than superheroes. This picture proves it!

  4. Brothers...They are the best thing!