Monday, February 11, 2013


I have shared many times how I mourned for the loss of my 'perfect' baby when Brahm was born.  All of my hopes and dreams for this child I carried simply vanished when we were told in those hours before his birth that he would have a disability.  

What I did NOT realize was how filled our lives would be.

Unlike our two older children who we push for the next goal, ensuring that they are in the right sports at the right age, get proper training, practice and the thousand other stressers that come with everyday youth athletics.  We have learned to cherish every single game, every single goal and every single attempt our mini marvel has - because it may jsut very well be his last.

Of course I feel the tinge of pain in my heart - one season of lacrosse and he is retiring - so hard to hear these words - "Mom, it jsut hurts my legs to much" he says in his high pitched 6 year old voice with the missing teeth lisp.

But such great joy was also experienced this weekend when he entered his first wrestling tournament.  

Now let me give you an idea of the environment our little guy is surrounded by.  We are fortunate that our school is a huge K-12.  The wrestling coach for the middle and high school offers a clinic twice a year for the elementary school kids.  THis is what ignited Brahm's fire.  

When I emailed the coach about letting Brahm try to wrestle this weekend and feeling the clock ticking on his physical ability to ever do so - he went above and beyond - making sure that the tournament director knew Brahm was tiny (33 lbs at 6) and short.

He also found Brahm a tiny little singlet to wear.  The coach sent his biggest high school wrestler (atleast 6'3" ) down to the 1st grade class to give Brahm the singlet, tell him how we could make it smaller AND pump him up.  Apparently, Brahm's status in the class also was raised because he knew one of the big guys LOL!

Little man's teacher even asked to come to the tournament - I really never thought an entire community would surround our son and love him like they do.

Oh he was pumped, and nervous for the tournament.  I - was jsut nervous.  I would prefer to keep my angel in a padded box but that isn't what God wants for this boy of ours.  So I put my brave face on and cheered.

We weren't sure how he would do, but we knew it would be fabulous or a disaster.  Although Brahm's body lets him down, his mind does not.  We could see that little stinker playing chess as he pinned each opponent.  After his final victory, our champion, danced around in joy.  We thought for sure he would come in second to this particular child but Brahm pinned him in the last few seconds.

His family rejoicing with him.  He knows the feeling of personal success.  We have no idea how long he will wrestle for before once again his body fails him.  But for today, this week he is our champion.  He has a larger than life trophy to remind him the sweetness of victory.  He is truly our inspiration.

 Then even the bravest soldier, whose heart is like the heart of a lion, will melt with fear, for all Israel knows that your father is a fighter and that those with him are brave.
                                                                   2 Samuel 17:10


  1. Too cute! My cousin's son is a dwarf and in the 7th grade and he too has found success in wrestling. So happy to see his proud face with his well-deserved trophy!


  2. That's awesome! It took a long time for our daughter to find something she felt comfortable at. She did upward basketball and was happy for the first season because they had the goal at the lower setting because of their age. When it got moved up, it was very hard on her. She then tried softball. Loved it when it was coach pitch and she got to play and hit all the time. When she had to move up to the next age, she hated it. She got stuck in the outfield. The ball never came to her and the coaches pretty much ignored her because of her size. She didn't want to play soccer and gymnastics was out because of her back and neck issues. She has discovered horseback riding and loves, loves, loves it. She is 10 and the size of a 3 year old and I think just being by herself on the horse makes her feel totally comfortable. It's awesome watching your child beam!

  3. love it! I should look into wrestling for JD. He certainly is always wrestling his sister to the ground!

    I forget that Brahm has such joint pain and to have you re-cap it and share his struggles with sports makes the victories even more awesome and inspiring. He has no clue that his life is made for greatness and will be a true shining beacon of God. Keep the posts coming as I just can't get enough of your crew!!!

  4. You have GOT to stop making me cry all the time!!!!! What a touching blog post from an amazing mama who clearly adores her equally amazing kid.

  5. I have been a blog lurker since I finding your blog through Kelly's Korner, but want to tell you how much I enjoy it. Congratulations to Brahm and the family members who support him!