Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We have had this mini vacation planned since December.

And oh was it so needed, but oh was it so hard to get out the door.

Our normally fairly easy going children have been fighting - we are experiencing some pretty good spiritual warfare right now, and I have no idea why - maybe because this adoption was to easy, we have been waiting ofr the other shoe to drop and are finally realizing that our sweet little man is jsut that sweet.

Oh he can get his way, and is smart enough to realize with 7 others in the family he can usually con someone into getting him what he wants.

BUT how his fat little hands as they clasp my cheeks for a big smacker - oh that is pure heaven.

Anyhow, after a major fight with our oldest kids we packed up the car - oh wait that would be both cars (but that's another post LOL!)

I took the kids and hubby followed a couple hours later.

We haven't been to this particular spot for years and years, but we had heard they built cabis, and I had found a deal!

Can I jsut say pure heaven - we jsut can't do one hotel room any longer.  Eventhought I tell myself that half our kids are short, it jsut doesn't work, no many wiggles, noises and momma gets no sleep.

So the cabin had a loft with two queen beds and a large chair with ottoman.  THen downstairs was our own room with a comfy bed (so much PTSD after sleeping on so many horrible beds in China we now appreciate a good bed LOL!)

THe only thing we longed for was another bathroom.

Now mind you it's 20 degrees out so you can imagine the looks I got when I said put on your swimsuit I have a surprise.

Daddy wasn't there yet, so I braved the natural hot springs pool by myself with floaties and two majorly helpful big kids.

Tao hates water, he screamed as Morgan handed him to me, AND then he calmed, still clutching to my side.  He splashed and then laughed and we all cheered!!

Sunday we took the big kids snowboarding, - between the free pass with the room and Morgan's 5th grade pass (free skiing all winter) they were all completely FREE!!  Plus we still have an adult ticket to use later in the year!  Tristan & Morgan took in more runs than they could count.

Brahm practiced his snowboarding - and loved their covered magic carpet.  The lift operators all fell in love with him, and called him bull (bullwinkle) by the end of the day.

THe best part was we put the littles to sleep and slipped out to walk across the way for dinner alone - my hubby and I - two nights in a row!!

The second night Cav started having issues which lasted the rest of the trip.  We chose not to fight with him, and allowed him to pout by himself as we enjoyed our time relaxing as a family.

THe hot springs water comes out to my right and then the snow run off stream os to my left, you build dams to allow enough cold water in so that you and the kids can stand it, while still staying warm!!

We feel relaxed and a family once again!!

You can see Cav, we asked numerous times if he wanted to join us - (he did swim twice)
I jsut pray some day he will feel the natural urge to be part of our family.
So blessed!


  1. I'm so glad you had this time together. Making memories doesn't mean everyone is perfectly happy but that everyone is together is just enough sometimes. :)

  2. ooooohhhhh...
    please tell me more about this wonderful place. We are coming your direction in a few months and we usually stay up at a friend's cabin but we just found out last week that the pipes froze and broke:( So no cabin available until complete thaw and then digging and repair:( SO I need to find a place for our time away and to meet up with missionary friends who are going to be in your town for a few days!

  3. I am so glad you had this precious time. Cav will come around, I know how hard that can be. (((hugs))

  4. The depth of Cav's hurt is seen in the photos of him sitting alone. He really needs some help in coming out of the darkness he is in. He is young and can heal better now, than to wait until he's older. I cannot imagine what terrors from his past, hold his tiny soul back from receiving love. But, I will pray for him to Heal. For all of you to be able to form a bond.