Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Tears

I decided to brave the cold and loaded all the kids, all their gloves, snow pants, jackets, hats and sleeping bags into the truck and off we went to the Electric Safari tonight.

Well, mainly we sat in a long line of cars but your know.

It was so fun to share with the little kids the 1 million lights, and even the jaunt around our dang zoo wasn't bad (it is built into the side of the mountian - I swear the thing is straight uphill both ways.)

Anyhow, we had our double Bob stroller with 3 piled onto it and the kids actually oohed and aahed at the lights and the night dwellers that were alert and awake.

We got their jsut as the last tickets were being sold - so daddy jumped in line while we found a parking spot.  Then as we passed by the Santa Hut we grabbed one of their numbers jsut encase.

Well, we were one of the last numbers to be called to meet Santa.

Things like this I still really cringe at - really 4 little kids of which 1 has really sat on Santa's lap before, plus the logistics of getting short people up on Santa's lap, one not accidently kicking Santa's shins with his metal legs - ugh jsut creates a Calgon moment for me.

I expected tears, I did NOT expect them from Santa.

Brahm went first and we heard him say XBOX game blah, blah, blah (the kid has the gift of gab) so I elbowed hubby to try and listen what the other item was he wanted as the XBOX game was out.

As Santa placed Brahm down he looked at me and said "excuse me Ma'am"

With the same fear as I get when teachers call me - I walked up to Santa wondering what on earth our boy had said to warrant a direct intervention from Santa. (talk about quivering in your boots LOL)

Santa says to me "Your son asked if I could take the pain away from his joints so he won't hurt every morning!'

Oh sure a room full of people and I am going to start crying as I have a private conversation with Santa

"Could I give him a special treat to maybe help a little?" asked the Santa.

 I looked into his crystal blue eyes, wet with tears and a sadness that struck straight from his heart - no child should ask for these things.

I smiled as he pulled out a stuffed toy from his bag hidden on the left, in a room full of children who would only be getting little candy canes and smiled

What til you see who is up next LOL!

This crazy baby loves men with beards?!?!


  1. What a sweet Santa ! I will pray your son will have less pain. Poor boy! Merry Christmas !

  2. What a sweet story! Merry Christmas to your family!

  3. Oh my, that made ME cry! Very sweet Santa and great pictures. Merry Christmas to you and yours!