Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back in the trenches

I always laugh and say

when my oldest was born we stayed home a month
#2 we stayed home 2 weeks
#3 well school started jsut about a week after we got home

And 4,5 well we did give them some more time which was great

BUT #6 - lets jsut hit our knees and thank GOD this baby is a smiley little trooper.

We flew into Denver on Saturday night,
Back to Denver Monday afternoon to drop of Grandma
and then

YEP back to DENVER today!

While I was in China daddy facetimed that he couldn't get Cav's legs on.

We finally came to the solution to try the shrinkers from after his surgery AND a pair (ok I don't have a single pair but you get the geist LOL) of knee hi pantihose -

Now mind you we put a "sock" on Cav's leg, then the liner (molded for his leg) and then another sock or several (1 leg had a total of 4 sock widths before I left) and then the prosthetic.

So we thought a knee hi would replace sock #1 and then remove all the other socks.  Finally he was able to get Cav's leg on YEAH!

I also told my husband to change the appt with beloved Mr Terry (the prothetist) to today.

Of course I forgot that an 11 am appt in Denver meant none of the littles got to go to school today and so I packed up my entourage and off we drove.

Mr Terry, heehee, said "I never have seen this happen so quickly. "

I told Mr Terry that I think every single one of our appts he has told us "he has never seen this before!"

Anyhow, God was good and we were able to find some of the thinnest prosthetic socks in his supply closet and determined we will need new legs in 4-6 weeks.  Yep encase you are counting that means we got them 9/12 replaced the metal part 6 weeks later cuz he had busted the knee and then replaced the sockets about 2 months after that! (mind you if you are adopting a child who will need prosthetics this is not the norm by any means, so don't freak!)

PRAISE cuz this gets us through Christmas!

My guess what has happened is that Cav's system has finally healed form the malnutrition and Giardia (yes 11 months later) and he can finally absorb nutrients from his food.  Well that, and God has a sense of humor.  SO although he is our second youngest and is surrounded by 3 dwarves, this boy of ours will be HUGE!!

Mr Terry had to take a picture for his wife (we love this man!)

And poor Griffen, I got no idea what this kid is thinking of his new homeland. . . 
when he walks into a room with legs stacked in the corner LOL!


  1. Glad they were able to work it out so quickly!

  2. Wow! That crazy growing boy!!!! Love what good nutrition does for him!!!

  3. I just started reading the day you got to China to pick up Griffen - I have loved following your story. The picture with the three of them is great! You have such a beautiful family.
    (I have not adopted myself, but I would love to someday. Just not at this point in life (young, single, fairly broke :-p).)

  4. Oh, that Cav just steals my heart each time you post about him. Your kiddies are just so precious. I have loved reading about your trip and your new boy is so adorable. Whar a great Christmas!