Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Griffen - 1 month

Can you believe it - a month and I lack the words to express what this child means to me.

In January, when Brahm looked at me and said "You know you left my twin in China*."  I am sure I looked at him like he had 4 heads.  We were in the midst of our struggles with Cav, and truly the very last thing on our mind was adding one more.

BUT, God had other plans and we FINALLY listened - to our children.  They played a very big role in seeing what we could not.

I MUSt tell you that I am fairly new in the faith, and somewhere along the line I equated that

A Leap of Faith = hard times.

Now that we have this little angel, I can truly say that although I knew God would hold my hand and support me through this journey - it NEVER occurred to me that

A Leap of Faith = my greatest Blessing.

By saying this I am not negating our other children, and I am not saying he is our favorite


there is something about this little guy.

talking after a diaper change

He seems to be the key that completes EVERY one of us.

THe baby we were NOT even sure was alive when we sent our paperwork,
weren't sure of a diagnosis,
didn't know his size,
had never seen his smile,
or his dimples.
And expected the worst

He is now our SON,
he loves to talk,
he is smart,
he wears 9 month clothing,
weighs 20 lbs,
and is not even on the dwarf charts,
he gathers others to him,
and we think God sent him to do some work. (different post)
And we have found the best.

 * Although BRahm and Griffen are born 4 years apart - the twin comment intrigued me. 
We looked at several other children with closer birthdates, and even checked the shared list for his birthdate to no avail.  These are the answers we have figured out so far.  All I know is God used one very special little boy to help his parents see God's plan for them.

~ The meaning of the names Brahm & Tao are very similar - basically the way to peace or the answer

~ Brahm always affected others in a way I have never seen before - Tao is the same if not more.

~ One day as I sat with Griffen's picture on my computer screen, it was in such a position that when I looked up, I saw Brahm's baby picture and Griffen's - they are almost identical.  Mainly their big eyes.


  1. Wow! I love how God will use our children to lead us to HIS plan!!! Elijah keeps saying that I have a lot of babies - he's scaring me!haha! :)

  2. Congratulations! He really is a cutie!

  3. Congratulations on one month. You are an amazing mom with amazing kids!!!

  4. Love this!! And his future wife thoroughly enjoyed the video!