Friday, March 23, 2012

Water Slide!

It is the beginning of Spring Break, it is BEAUTIFUL out and my kids LOVE water.  
Nothing involving water opens until labor day -

 soooo, they begged this momma into turning on the water.

Go Fei Go!!

Oops a little fast and a little top heavy!

Let's go again, Lala!!

A little lost with a change in schedule, 
and we have to figure out something for his legs.

Oh and we HATE being cold.

BUT, he likes the water table!

Did I mention I have to figure out something for his legs!


  1. Ummm...while yours are playing in the water and sunshine, mine are playing in 6 inches of snow. Seriously?! I am so jealous that you guys are out in the sun. Enjoy!

  2. Love seeing them all out playing! Go, Cav, Go! And Fei Fei's thigh chunkage just kills me! SOOO CUTE!

  3. ohhh my goodness!!! How fun!!!! What a great day!!!

  4. LOVEEEE!!!!!

    Oh Cav has changed SO much! Thinking of and praying for you!