Monday, March 26, 2012

Ordinary people

If you haven't known us our whole journey let me catch you up.  Somewhere around the time our little man was 2 or 3 we became aware of the fact that little people are considered a bad omen in many countries, they have NO future in most countries.  Simply this was a seed that would eventually lead to FeiFei.  Yes, it took us 2 years but we finally began the adoption process.  We chose to adopt her because we had room for one more, we couldn't imagine our little man lost in a country with no hope simply because he is smaller than normal.

Cav - he was jsut plain old God.  God placed him in our path and even now I look at him and wonder what amazing things he will accomplish one day.

Yes, the journey is hard.  They argue, they still are trying to figure out the alpha of the group, Cav doesn't understand boundaries, um . . . really Cav is three LOL!

BUT, what I didn't expect was the reactions of strangers.


I am an ordinary person, we are an ordinary family.  We had an extra room in our house, our hearts.

THe only thing we did different is that we said


Would it have been easier to ignore the call


But even now I can NOT imagine our family


I have been inundated with the fact that the disciples were also NORMAL ordinary people.

Maybe it is jsut the time of year,

Maybe it is just me,

But HE has made something very clear, in scripture

and in life ~

He uses ordinary people for His work.

My house is usually a disaster,

I am the worst cook, and I usually forget lunch until I'm reminded.

I run out of bread and milk ALL THE TIME!

We are late for school EVERYDAY!

There are days I just want to HIDE

So PLEASE stop calling me a SAINT, because really we are an ordinary family, with ordinary issues we jsut happen to have been blessed with a few more children, who's personal disabilities can be seen by the world but also who fill our lives with so much love, laughter and hope because of Him.


  1. I love you!!!! and your ordinary self! :) I often wonder what I would be doing if God had not opened our hearts to the orphan! Some people say we are "saints", some people say we have a screw loose, some people say we are saints with a screw loose - but I agree - we are just ordinary people serving an extraordinary God!

    1. Amen to that, Jodi! And, crack me up. Oh how I understand what drives you to this post. Lol! :)

  2. AMEN!!!! And if God hadn't opened your heart to Fei Fei, He might not have used you to open mine to Molly Kate. We are already blessed beyond measure by her, and she's not even home yet! Thanks for answering His call!

  3. I hear ya! I have been told for years how there is a special place in Heaven for me and how it takes a special person etc etc.

    What people don't understand in their attempts at being complimentary is that they have no insulted my children. They have essentially said that my children are not automatically loveable, that it takes someone other than the average jo to see the miracles they are, the contributing members of society they are etc etc. It doesn't take a special person it really is just someone willing to say "Yes. I will. Pick me"