Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playing Hookey

SO little man went from being my baby to our exact middle.  We have seen our sweet little angel turn into a very difficult little boy.  My heart aches over this transformation.  In addition, he is a chronic pain kid (he has one of the few types of dwarfism that experience pain).  Although he is super smart he has a difficult time telling those around him that he is in pain.  Instead, we find he jsut doesn't have a reserve to deal with annoying siblings people around him.  Take into account his whole life being turned upside down and you get a monster a very difficult little boy.

I finally had enough.  Wednesday's are the only mornings that I have 2 hours totally to myself.  So I decided that we needed to play hookey today and have some special one on one time.  We mainly jsut went to breakfast but boy did he love it!

Reading from the menu!

Wow chocolate chip waffles and bacon!

Yummy - Hot Chocolate in a mug like daddy!

That's some good food!


  1. He's so beautiful. I am sorry he is having trouble adjusting. Prayers for him!

  2. Our just turned 5 year old was also bumped from youngest to middle when we brought his brother home in December. He is also a difficult child to live with at present and isn't dealing with any chronic pain issues. I will pray that both of our formerly sweet boys return to their sweet selves soon!

  3. My daughter went from only child to older sister when her little brother came home from China. It took about 6 months before peace was restored. They are inseperable now--hang in there!!!

  4. That's one handsome young man and I just love his T-shirt!

  5. ohhh so sweet!!! Momma time is soooo important! Love it! And our trip to Colorado went super fast this time -but I will be out in July for 2 weeks - we MUST get together then! :)