Monday, March 19, 2012

Cav's progress

We have had this little boy in our lives for jsut over 3 months - it seems like a lifetime.  

Today I was looking for some adoption paperwork and I came across his pictures
 that we treasured before we traveled.

Now, I can hardly look at them without wanting to cry.

We only SAW a little boy,
NOW, we see his sadness.

He came to us with this sadness,
he came home with this sadness.

NOW, everyone comments how much he has SOFTENED.

Such a strange word I originally thought.

Now, this little boy makes jokes, 
he laughs,
and BEST of all
HE gave his momma a kiss on his very own! (swoon)

Ok, not the best pic, gotta love that he has even started giving me the cheesy 3 ear old fake smile, but man has this kid, who we almost left behind, come a LONG way in 3 very short months!

1 comment :

  1. I love the smiles! Even the cheesy ones. Praise God for the softening and kisses. Melts my mommy heart. :)