Saturday, March 31, 2012

Love this girl!

 Morgan is only the second girl in FIVE generations on my husbands side. 
Needless to say we were very surprised when she showed up LOL!! 

Our road with her has not always been easy.
 She was so far behind K-2nd grade.  Extremely slow to learn to read, her letters, her colors.  
So many years of endless worry.

I see her today and truly I stand in AWE.
She has found herself through our adoption
and most especially FeiFei.

Like someone said "Everyone should have such a cheering committee as those two!"

Today we got to cheer her again!

She is incredibly aggressive but her beautiful long hair always in place!

THe littles use her shoes to find her on the field.

Go, LALA, GO!!!

Ugh, not a goal yet!!

She has turned in to a very smart (yes smart LOL)

Although she isn't our oldest, she soooo acts like to oldest.

We laugh because this girl of ours is big - we think she will be closer to six feet than not.  But she carries herself with such grace - I only wish I had a little of her confidence when I was 10!

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  1. and we have beautiful soccer girls! we have sooo much in common!!!! And great photos of your beautiful soccer girl! Go LALA!