Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No excuses

I keep facing the same responses about adoption and it has weighed heavily on me for weeks and even months.

I can't adopt because . . .

People let me give you a little bit of reality -

Do you see this ~

That's right I - the mom who has adopted FOUR children (almost) did not grow my own potato's, scrub them, boil them, and then mash them.

This is NOT organic.

Along with it I made a meatloaf from my favorite cookbook 

- the college students survival guide.  

You think I am lying don't you or just spewed pop all over your computer 
- I AM NOT!!

I have had to double the recipe - and then because I didn't start until late I realized the centers weren't completely cooked through and so I served the ends to my starving kids and continued heating the rest.

The worst part - we haven't even started school yet - I don't have an excuse.

I will admit it - I shouldn't have a hamster some days never mind all these kids.  I read blog after blog of mom's grinding their own flour, baking their own bread (and encase your confused I buy Sara Lee whole grain WHITE bread).

The point is you don't have to be perfect to adopt.  

You don't have to be the best homemaker, 
the best cook, 
super crafty, 
or wealthy.

ALL you have to be is OPEN.

Because I guarantee that those waiting kids do not CARE!

they don't have warm enough clothes, 
enough food to eat,
a name,
or the love of a family.
Your failings are still 100 times better than the best person currently in their lives.
if you are hearing the call - PLEASE stop with the excuses.


  1. thank you friend... I needed this;-)

  2. See....I knew we would just get along in "real" life.
    Love instant potatoes!! :)
    And pancake just add water mixes!
    Us Mom's can be our hardest critics. We need to give ourselves more grace!

  3. I've been following your blog for years and I totally get what you're saying. Except. Except we really, really, really have no more money to spend. We adopted four children since 2010 by cashing out our kids 529 college accounts and now we're just squeaking by with our bills. So...we feel the call, but unless we suddenly inherit money we just can't adopt again. We don't even meet the income to kid ratio anymore

  4. Love this!!! SOOOOO true! Love it - Congrats on heading back to China (praying we can at some point too!)

  5. I hear you, Adoption Journey, and I know that you and I aren't the ones being spoken to here. Literally not having the money to provide for another child is different than not wanting to change your lifestyle to provide for another child.