Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cav's surgery

Tomorrow is Cav's "surprise" surgery to place 2 screws into his growth plates on the outside of his longer leg.  THis will allow the inside portion of his leg to continue to grow and hopefully straighten the tibia a little bit.

We are praying it will at least buy us some time.  Selfishly, I need the time until we get Dawson home and settled.  But also time for Cav.  The kid we anticipated would need one surgery once home is going into his fourth in two years.  And truly I know lots of kids who have gone through way more - but oh my momma heart breaks for him each time.

In addition, the recovery without a prosthetic is only 2 weeks with this surgery.  If he has to have another osteotomy (break the bone in 3 pieces and put a rod through it to straighten it out) - that's 8 weeks alone int he cast.  The poor kid already went through this 18 months ago ugh.

Lastly, he is finally getting to a point that he cares - he is self conscious about not wearing his legs.  Mind you this is the kid who puts them on when he gets up and takes them off at bedtime.  On weekends if I don't give him socks then he will go without around the house but he truly has never fought us about wearing his legs.

In the orphanage, they obviously pulled on his little feet, and taunted him.  All he ever wanted was shoes. . . even two years later I think this is still very important to him.

So please will you pray for him, for his little heart.  We tried desperately to get him able to walk with forearm crutches.  His hands are just to weak, and we have made the executive decision to only use his wheelchair.

I pray this is the right decision, he would need to stand on his full prosthetic leg which means standing on a gravity driven prosthetic knee.  Using hands that will never have the strength of "normal" hands.  Fall after fall he would get up as he practiced around the house (even though we went to 2 and 3 PT appts a week to get him where he could use the forearm crutches.)

Anyhow, please pray that the other kids don't make fun of his legs (his teacher will talk to them the day before he gets back.)  We have fun socks for him, and his wheelchair is super cute with a teddy bear "footplate".

Doing surgery once again now 2 years home does have it's advantages.  We have always scheduled early morning appts because of the food issue.  Dare I say, but I think he is past the HUGE food issues he has had (Can I get an Amen!!)  We talked extensively about his not being able to eat in the morning - and he got special McDonal's tonight so praying this is one less thing we have to worry about.

Surgery is tomorrow (Monday 1/20) at noon MST.

8/2012 in his teddy bear wheelchair

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  1. Prayers for Cav! I know he has been a difficult child, but that first picture shows a smile his first pictures never did. He has come a long way. His spirit may have been damaged, but he was not destroyed. Precious pictures. He is a beautiful boy. God bless!