Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I'm late posting - heck I have been terrible about blogging - and even worse blogging for real LOL!

BUT we received our LOA on 1/2/14

Have I even shared his name?  I don't think so -

We wanted a name with the Da (not the long A but like when your Dr wants you to open wide to look at your throat.)

His Chinese name is YueDa, he is 11 - we want an American name for him, and a Biblical one.

I looked and looked - there are not many names that fit into our requirements above.

Then I saw Dawson - it means Son of David - hmmm now most would say
 but your husband's name is Chris.  
But all I could think of when I read the meaning was that being the son of "King" David fit him perfectly - 
a child who was a son for 2 years (until we assume they figured out something was wrong) 
and now our son, 
but most importantly a forever son.  
And it flows perfectly with our older two.

Then we wanted a nickname for him - our oldest goes by his initials and Brahm could if he wanted, so onto a vowel name.

Ezekial - means God Strengthens - just perfect!!

And his nickname can be Dek (said like Dex) I know you are rolling your eyes by now but our oldest is Tak and EVERYONE calls him that LOL!

So, in just about 3 months Dawson Ezekial (do I add a second middle YueDa)? will be joining us.  We are excited and scared to death at the same time.  I so know God has this, I know we are following His path and I know that it's my humanness that is worried about the details.  So as the new year dawns upon us I am trying more and more to rest in His word, allowing him to navigate this ship and not worry about where it's going and how we are gonna get there!


  1. Those 3 months will fly by! I'm beyond happy and excited for you. :)

  2. Congratulations!..I love the sound of Dawson Ezekial YueDa.....lovely name.

  3. Congratulations, love the name! Also love your Christmas card. Will pray for your family. How is Cav doing? I think of him often.

  4. I love that picture! :-) Congrats on LOA! I love the name story too (especially being a Biblical name myself.) I emailed you back in the middle of December, but it probably - quite understandably! - got lost in the chaos, so I'll send it again. :-)

  5. Congratulations!! You have a beautiful family!

    I do have a question. My husband and I are looking into adoption and we have NO idea where to start. We live in Ohio. ANY information would be great at this point! You can email me at RBH3N5@fuse.net

    Thank you. :)

  6. :) I've wanted to do team shirts like this for my family for years! Congrats on loa!