Monday, January 20, 2014

Surgery Day - surgery

Cav really has been doing great lately with food (another post I promise)

Anyhow when they called on Friday and told me we had a noon surgery I thought it would be fine.

Even now I'm not sure if it was the food or walking into the hospital - although we love Children's.

Regardless, we got to the hospital at just after 10 and just about the time we get to the elevators I look down at him in is wheelchair and his face goes to glass.

Someone called it the survivor stare.

No matter what I tried, he didn't get out of the mood.  And oh yeah surgery was delayed an hour.

Which I never complain about since his surgeon became an expert on amputations because his primary job is as a orthopedic oncologist.  Frankly, we are blessed.  I would never rush this main who just might be saving a child's life, or comforting a mom who didn't have the luxury of choosing a child who would become an amputee.

Luckily, the anesthesiologist we got was amazing - he came in - pretend wrestled Cav (who I was afraid was going to cry but then snapped out of his funk and tried not to laugh.  Oh yeah this man kept pretend farting on him too.  I felt like I was with an overgrown 15 year old!!

We love him, he is perfect and his specialty is achondroplasia so---- we got his card LOL!  You know just encase but I really am about done with surgeries for a lifetime LOL!  I realized today in 18 months we have had 6 fairly major surgeries on 9 body parts and to many casts to count.

Anyhow, I got to spend the last hour of our wait with a happy smiling boy, tool him back to the OR and he went right to sleep without that guttural fight or flight response he has had before.  So proud of him!

I also discussed with everyone who came into the room to make sure to over drug him right after surgery, as he usually needs enough drugs to kill an elephant for pain.

And you know what THEY DID!!

PLUS< they put a block into the area!

So we ended up waiting on the nurse to scoot out of there, by the time he woke (about 10 min in recovery) he was wanting to go HOME!!

All of the other kids called him and face timed which he also loved.

So, he is now playing with the little boys, and so far so good.

I am insisting he stay home form school tomorrow although he is raring to go LOL!

As a side note - I have to say I love how God works.  His surgery is the same exact surgery they do one the dwarfs who have bowed legs.  They get the 8 plate surgery and we had a 2 plate surgery.

His doc will monitor his growth and eventually the plate and screws will need to be removed.  But let me tell you how amazing this man is.  He sutured it in a way that there is NOT a know at the end of the suture inside which might affect Cav's comfort level when he puts on his prosthetic leg in a couple of weeks.  The glued the outside of the incision so he could go into the bath.

We are praying that he will be able to comfortably wear his prosthetic and that the plate and screws are in an area where there is a little opening (because of how his fibula grew) and we don't have to have the prosthetic reconstructed.

I walked in and was horrified that Cav was on the floor -
Brahm apparently picked him up even though Cav outweighs him be 5-7 lbs LOL!
(oh and the child is denial about the pats LOL)


  1. Prayed for Cav yesterday! Love his football casts/socks! If they are socks, did the hospital give you those?

  2. Coming into this late, but Hooray anyway! Great to see Cav smiling. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  3. Also love the socks! Our son is having bilateral amputations this summer, and is a sports nut. He would LOVE the socks! Did you make them, or find them somewhere?

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