Saturday, February 15, 2014

Definition of adoption insanity

I have been stuck, so instead of getting the 5,000 things done I should, I have sat, worried and ultimately learned ALOT of patience.

Of course, i didn't blog either and have so much to catch up on - I feel like I have lived a lifetime in the past few months.

BUT we finally got our I-800 approval - after almost SEVEN yes 7 weeks (this is supposed to be a 2 week process.)

HOW many times have we done this in the past THREE year and here I am at adoption insanity again - let me show you!!

We got LOA on 1/2/2014 and our I-800 was received by USCIS on 1/3.  We received ALL of our paperwork BACK two weeks later saying we were missing page eight - we weren't (I just found the copies I made and sure enough page 8 was in the correct order so I am not sure if papers were dropped etc.)  Our agency also sends a pre filled out page 8 so it looks a little different than USCIS.

Anyhow THEY received it back on the 15th of January.


Um when you get all your crap sent back to you - you have to resend it to a secret location in Dallas - it's a PO BOX.

So it HAS to go by USPS.

AND apparently they don't check it -

UNTIL you finally decide to call USCIS the very end of JANUARY.

And that evening you finally get an email your stuff is moving on.

OH and bTW the person who answers the phone at USCIS is super nice and you can't even rant like you had planned.



AND you get laryngitis for a week so you can't even call.

So finally you AND your agency have had enough
So you send emails to your officer
and she miraculously has YOUR papers in her hand to approve (it's a Friday)

AND you check the mail on MONDAY,
And it finally shows on THURSDAY.

And since you think you were approved last Friday, you also email NVC on
AND finally on FRIDAY with a plea including dates,
and an apology for being psychotic but your 11 year old NEEDS to come home.

AND you miraculously get not only your GUZ number (during your 15 year olds eye appt where you find out he is severely farsighted and his last eye DR HAD to have missed this for the past several years.  ANd the only reason you have him at your eye Dr is because he failed his eye test for his drivers permit and you yourself are blind as a bat and can usually fake that test - yeah chalk that one up to the mother of the year list)

AND you race home to fill out the DS-260 (even though your supposed to now take the Birthday girl out to lunch, and bribe the littles to be quiet so you can think, by flinging Valentine candy out the office door)

AND you finally call your agency cuz you ALSO got your PDF!!!

AND are so excited for forward progress only to find out . . . oh yeah it's Friday and the consulate where everything has to go is - U.S. so they are also closed on MONDAY!!


  1. Please please please tell me the secret to affording another adoption! We adopted four, last 2 in 2012, and just can't figure out how to come up with the money to do it again!

  2. You are SO close, my dear friend. Hold on tight because the wild ride is about to begin! It will all be worth it when you have Dawson home and his light is filling your house. Huge hugs and lots of prayers coming your way!!