Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Photo Dump

Ok I am so not a homeschooling mom- I need my time LOL.

So I am not to proud to admit that summer has been absolutely killing me.

BUT as I finally dumped the 307 pictures off my phone I thought I would do a quick catch - up because really it has been lots of fun!

We finally got the front yard (ok a portion) landscaped as our 23 year old house was looking BAD

The forest caught on fire

and the MAFFS started flying directly over our house

So we took photos of everything and packed our crap 

And reorganized 

And Oops what evacuated with us?!?!

celebrated Father's Day and finished up lacrosse

And met lots of new friends in real life!!

who liked riding bikes as much as we do

and bring lots of color to our once white life

and learned to share

and our friends came back (love this Jodi)

And more friends came

And even more

Until we locked the doors LOL

And we planted flowers and our crew figured the firetruck was great for watering

And we did summer school and rocked the 3 piggie opera
(and this shocked momma cried over her girl who has come so far)

And little man (green shoes) played baseball with his best friend
and got nicknamed sledge hamma
and all was right in his world 

And we were in a parade

And he walked part of the way and made us proud

and well he is jsut cute LOL

And we got major braces

and then they broke ugh

And our hearts break but our community has rallied

And the weather has been crazy

Oh wait MORE new friends

And our friends we met in CHINA getting Landon and Tao

And we found out dwarfs still don't float right side up

and watched the Jr National goalball championships 

Oh and the stinking cat had kittens while we were evacuated

and our big brother comes and goes, football, wrestling and lacrosse camps, 
mission trips and FCA

and everyday these two ask when he is coming home

Until they leave for camp

and mommy has no idea how many kids she has any longer LOL

But truly can say she is loving this new crazy life of many,

AND the incredible blessings.

Saturday we leave for the great roadtrip to the World Dwarf games!!


  1. I with you! I love my children, but I need my time in the day to keep me from going crazy! 3 more weeks for us here in Georgia, not that I am counting or anything.

  2. LOVE Cav walkingin the parade! :)

  3. Love the pictures! So happy Cav walked in the parade. All the kids are just so precious.

  4. Seriously... that photo!! haha!! Love these photos!! What a great summer so far! And LOVE the ladybug who evacuated with y'all!! <3

  5. Looks like you have been having a great summer so far! Busy too, that has been ours as well. We are heading your way next week, get to see Mr. Terry on Weds before heading into the mountains for family camp for a few days. Reality has hit that the summer has been awesome but flown by and in less than a month we are back in school full swing!
    THanks for sharing your summer in photos, it looks awesome!