Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wings to fly

My parents divorced when I was 13.  Back then we were the weird family, people would whisper about our situation.  Funny, how a mere 2 years later began the FAD of divorce that occurred in the 80's.  anyhow, the extremely sad part was the instant poverty the divorce threw us into.  As an adult I realize the poverty was due to keeping up the charade of appearances.

It has been an odd year as my oldest is now 14.  I heard once that you have two chances at a parent child relationship - once as the child and the other as the parent.

My kids seem to be a perfect mix of my husband and I. When they are home they love to be home.  BUT they definately also have my love for adventure.  Because of my parents divorce I got to go to camp exactly ONE time - and they forced us to sell candy bars door to door to pay for it.  Some things from our childhood make us grow and others we look back on as parents and think what we're they thinking!

My kids have toworktopayfor 10% of their fees.  This is more of their buy into the camp so we don't have the "I don't want to go Thursdays lol"

Anyhow, my oldest has been home a handful of days this summer and those days he worked doing landscaping to pay for his camps lol!

Football camps, lacrosse, FCA (which he absolutely loved) and just returned from on Weds and leaves again Sunday for a mission trip up to Montana.

He started the summer with his crap packed into 4 little bags and looking like a homeless person.  He finally seems to have his packing down to 1 slightly larger bag with everything in it.  Every time becomes home he has grown both physically and spiritually.  I marvel at his courage to try we things, go out on his own FCA was in AZ - he road tripped with kids from our area he had never met.  We prayed for him profusely but in his typical fashion he never missed a beat.  I know for a fact I never would have had the confidence todo this.  He sure is an amazing young man.

Morgan usually goes to away to summer camp with her friends but we will be gone for the World Dwarf Games.  Heehee that adventurous girl of ours found a cheaper wilderness camp ($250 for the week!) and the best part is they have a 3 day camp for Brahm!

I almost had a panic attack when they told me - could I really send my baby?  All of the what ifs of sending him to camp creeped into my mind.  Can I really send him?

What if he wakes up with joint pain, who will apply his patches (he had an answer)
What about the walking will it be to much.
Will he be able to get on the bunk himself,
Will the kids make fun of him?

This is probably the hardest thing I have done BUT he has full confidence that he will excel (despite momma giving him every out possible!). I like to think I treat my kids the same but the truth is sending a SN child out into the world is hard.  In my head I know we have worked very hard on self advocacy but I am realizing I am always standing there as the buffer.  Meeting with teachers, coaches, telling them how it needs to be done.

I know I will do the same withthe counselor a and I take comfort unknowing Morgan can handle any issue that arises with Brahm.  It's the letting go and sending him on his way.

They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.

                                 Isaiah 40:31


  1. Ohhh will be praying for you!!! I know Brahm will have a great time. :)

  2. I love your story! You definitely sound like a wonderful mother doing what is best for your kids! Brahm will have a great time at his camp!

    I'm your newest follower too!

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