Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mission Fields

As many leave for summer mission trips, and others actually move overseas leaving everything behind, I review the past few months.

I really wanted to go on a mission trip this summer with friends. No matter how much I tried to get peace I truly felt I needed to be home. It was NOT the answer I wanted. I have truly felt lost for a bit. God what is my purpose, my direction. I am a doer and all I felt was that I needed to sit patiently and wait.

Also, sometime this spring, I had the oddest encounter while out to breakfast with our family. I will never forget the mans words. After he asked if we were missionaries (and I almost choked on my OJ) um we aren't those kind of people. Then after hearing our story he said the words I have been processing for months -

So your mission field is at home.

The last few weeks I am starting to get it. God could have used us in so many ways. I truly believe he wants us here - to affect those around us.

SO if my life, our family is my mission field then I have decided to change a little of my thinking. It's always easier to run errands alone, but every time I have a couple littles with me we run into someone I KNOW needed to see our kids. Instead of feeling the anger and frustration at stupid remarks, I need to smile and educate. For Jesus took people by the hand and aided them along the way.

I also need to relish in the pure joy of this adventure. This evening was gorgeous and as we played outside I had moment of pure bliss. I laughed at all 4 littles pushing their fire truck around to water our new flowers. The bigs just hanging out just talking.

I feel blessed that our mission field is within the comforts and confines of our normal life. I know we are privileged in so many ways. But to actually be the hands and feet of Jesus - that is the greatest blessing. Now I need to start acting like it.


  1. Now that is something I'll have to think about. Perhaps you're right. Perhaps the people who ask rather pointed questions about/to our daughter about her difference are in need of information. I will try to reframe those questions - especially when she and I both are tired of them. Good idea.

  2. Bless you, Yvette! Your are so right. Amen from here in Bama, too! Now, to GET this and work on keeping the JOY of it!