Friday, July 19, 2013

Living life together

We have been under major attacks this summer.

We know why but still it can be wearing.

We have learned from our adoptions that attacks happen because Satan does NOT like what we are doing for God's kingdom.

But truth be told, even though we know this sometimes we forget.

The attacks seem to be targeting different people right now.

At church they are doing a whole series on Life Groups - and the importance of doing life together.

We have a great group of ladies who meet once a week (even in the summer) and walk around our school and pray.

I had to laugh yesterday as one after another spoke of attacks on their husbands.  Doing life together we were able to see that this is where Satan is currently attacking.

In addition, others spoke of attacks on older children.

And the lightbulb went off.

You see I have been toying with the fact that Morgan was injured at camp - a church camp.

a 4x4 hit fell on her (from the snack shop LOL)
But oh the nurse in me looks at this and sees how close to catastrophic this could have been

It happened the day I went up to get little man and so I am assuming that is why they didn't call - I have been toying for 2 days whether or not to be mad about it while remaining thankful that her eye was missed by inches.

And that light bulb that went off -
 jsut because they are very secluded 
in a place that speaks to my heart

Satan will and still does attack
As parents we must always be hyper vigilant and pray for our kids

And for those that asked
Brahm did awesome.
THis camp is a little more like an old fashioned camp with less rules ( and way cheaper LOL)
The nurse gave his counselors his pain meds and patches
(I thought I would be honest and not jsut slip all of it into his sleeping bag LOL)

And somehow in my worries I forgot that the counselors were all college kids
They are very typically fascinated with Brahm's brains in his tiny can do body.

I got the feeling some of the other boys weren't the most accepting of him
But Brahm blew it off and can't wait to come back next year

Heaven help me!! 


  1. Yvette,
    I have been following your blog for a while now and love your honesty, humor and outlook on life. Your family is beautiful! I have never commented but feel the need to tonight. I spent the last ten years as a summer camp director and would like to ask you a question...after now having your children attend this camp, what is your guy instict about it? I love to hear they are happy there, that is important. But I feel your concern. To me, Morgan's injury is significant enough to inform a parent of before they see their child and ask if they want further care. Are you comfortable with counselors handling Brahm's meds, and not the nurse herself? There are lots of camps out there, most of them great places, but please make sure to find one that both you AND your kids are comfortable with! I want to hear great stories of camp for years to come. I hope my comments help or relate, I just felt a strong need to comment and encourage you. Becky

  2. Hmm, in re-reading my comments I hope you know I meant gut instinct...not guy instict! :)