Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adopting friends

In all we will probably travel over 4000 miles with 6 kids over 3 weeks. For the most part they have done pretty well. Cav has had several days of screaming rages as we are currently with family in St Louis. But you know your family loves you when they put up with that crap along with the other 5 lol.

We started our trip in South Dakota - saw Crazy Horse, Mt Rushmore and Devils Tower. We then spent sometime at the old homestead before heading easy.

We saw on of the dwarf specialists in Wisconsin of all places and he was incredible ( that's another long post lol). Ran into an adopting friend who had an appt 2 doors down. LOVE!

Then we got to spend several days with a friend from FB. They adopted a little just weeks after Tao and she is a few months older than him. I was shocked to see how our families melded together. The friend from the hospital also came and the commonality if adoption transcended not only to our instant friendship but to our children also.

I am talking 18 kids only our 3 bio and the rest adopted. We all have a hard one but to see these kids make connections, instant friendships both warmed my heart and brings me to my knees knowing that THIS is what Gods plans look like.

We smiled as both husband and wife served the masses, we nodded when a complaint was made over public treatment, transportation woes and the like.

Folks there were 18 kids, one play station an ipad and a DS. At one point there were 5 boys sitting around the DS and all watching it be played.

Bigs carried littles
Similar personalities sought out each other
No one was left out ( except the solitary children)
Truly I have never experienced such a wonderful display of Gods kingdom

And I feel so blessed our meek little family said YEs to Gods calling

(PS if you have emailed me I still can't email from my phone so it'll be another 2 weeks sorry)


  1. What a bunch of cuties!!! I am so glad Y'all are having such a wonderful time.

  2. It was SO fun!!! We are so glad to have met you all. Our kids did meld so nicely. My boys can't wait to play with all your boys again and Ally would love to stay in contact with Morgan. When we travel west again, we'll make sure to stop in Colorado to see you all again!!!

  3. What a wonderful trip and experience! Giving the gift of tavel I think is the greatest gift you can give your children. So glad you had a great time!

  4. We love the part one, but I've been checking every day since...you're leaving us all hanging! Please blog more !