Thursday, January 10, 2013

HEart of adoption

Yesterday was the culmination of our journey to Tao.

You see I was so afraid of his HEART that I spent endless days questioning God.  Heehee even typing those words makes me laugh now.

Every consult we received while waiting the 6 weeks for an update (before finally sending LOI) was that Tao had six fingered dwarfism (EVC).  I can do short, I can do extra fingers and the required amputation BUT Hearts - I don't do Hearts God - you know even in nursing school I didn't do hearts.

You may ask why were we so concerned about his heart?

Well, for kids with EVC almost all of the kids show up with some form of Atrial (top part of the heart) defect.  From a hole to a single atrium.  FIFTY percent of the children with EVC die within the first year!  Tao's referral was made at 6 months and he was turning 2.  When we sent LOI (before the update ever came) we didn't even know if he was still alive.  We took that humungeous leap of faith because we were out of time.

THe update came after we got PA (dated before we ever sent LOI) he was alive BUT had not been to the Dr since his original file was done.

Can I tell you how many nights I allowed Satan to whisper his hateful words of doubt during our wait.  We knew he had a PFO but that's not really a heart problem - where was the Atrial defect - how severe was it?

(Now let me tell you I consulted many of the dwarf specialists and they all concluded that he had to have EVC - one who I sent the x-ray findings before the information about his extra fingers said he had a "greater than 50% chance that maybe he was the only known child with achondroplasia (like Fei) and extra thumbs."

The statement was our hope no matter how small.  But again I allowed Satan to whisper - you see Brahm is a 1 in a million - can a family really have 2?

I brought my stethascope, & my hope to China he seemed perfect but again hearts are hard for me - was I missing something?

Yesterday we met with the cardiologist, 
HE was LESS than amused LOL!

we had an EKG, 
a full Echo 
and . . . yep we have 
another 1 in a million kid LOL!  

I rejoiced but over the past 24 hours as 2 very dear little girls fight for their very lives I looked at their parents and I felt shame.  

REally, who am I to tell GOD 
that I couldn't 
or more importantly wouldn't 
do HIS work 
because I was afraid.  

Please will you pray for the families below THEY were NOT afraid, they followed God in a way I personally couldn't.  I stand in awe of these families and we have been lucky enough to meet many more of these families along our adoption journeys.

LILY ~ sweet girl has been in the hospital 7 weeks


  1. I'm SO happy for the great news! You are a one in am million family for sure. :)
    I've been praying for Ivy Joy, Lily and their families as they fight for their babies.

  2. I rejoice and weep with you, every time you post. Thanks for being MY inspiration today to meet the challenges and accept God's plan for our family

  3. Emily's Mackenzie (Mighty Mack) is from the same orphanage that our Analina is from....

  4. Awesome news!
    Can't wait to meet his little guy one of these days when we are out your way!

  5. Rejoicing with you! What a testament to stepping out in faith.
    Praying for the other little girls scary!

  6. I am definitely praying for these two sweet girls, but don't think you weren't willing and answering God's call. You have opened your heart to many things us heart moms can't imagine...and you are the perfect mother to those one in a million kiddoes of yours! I am so glad to hear Tao's heart isn't an issue. You've got lots of other fun stuff to keep you busy. :)

    ~Angie J.