Sunday, January 27, 2013


Heehee (no we are not adopting again LOL) although there are a few I would love to bring home

I am not sure if I ever mentioned on here that a year ago this is what Brahm so nonchlantly mentioned to me

Momma, you know you left my twin in China

Hmmm, after the laughter, & shock I thought I would look at the shared list, hmm no same birthdays (there were 1900 kids on the list at the time) and the only two children with dwarfism even close in age I asked for their files and updates.

Anyhow, I often think about this odd statement that started the adoption to Griffen.

Yesterday, as I was trying to organize some pictures on my iMac I decided using the faces feature was the easiest since for some reason some of our pictures from China ended up misdated.

THis is a snapshot of what I kept getting from Apple LOL!

Over and over again I had to tell the computer that no this picture was Brahm and not Griffen!

Look at that nose, eyes and mouth LOL!

Ni Hao Yall

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  1. His twin! God speaks through the voice of babes! They are so close to him! They are so pure!