Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's amazing what having a home can do for these kids. 
 Cav has grown 2 inches since OCTober, 
My husband had called me WHILE we were in China saying he couldn't get Cav's legs on
my solution was knee hi pantyhose

It was determined that he needed new legs 
I was frazzled from jsut getting home,
I jsut wanted to get through Christmas

I TOTALLY forgot about our DEDUCTIBLE

ANyhow, after several trips to Denver
a very high deductible
we got
(this is so not how I perceived my life 10 years ago LOL!)

Oops one leg is shorter then the other!
Because Cav has one leg longer than the other - he also has more growth plates in his left leg - so . . . oh yeah it grows faster LOL!  

THey jsut added a little more hardware to his Roboleg to make them equal 

Hmmm and what am I supposed to do with jsut one leg LOL!

So the length on the left leg is the same as before but the socket (red part) is much bigger

THey had to make it shorter because he has some leg/cheek fat roll thing going on
Can you see how much bigger the red one is

THis leg is way bigger I was totally shocked

Also because I swear I am jsut out of it sometimes, 
Cav's shoes were almost completely worn down on the right side ?!?!  

Luckily, Brahm had some that fit perfectly!

And can I jsut say how stinking cute they came out!!

So, lets jsut pray that these legs fit for longer than 4 months as I am about beat!


  1. Such cute legs! I hope they last for quite a while. Those two boys could not get any cuter! Love Griffen's hand on the man's leg.

  2. Wow, Hannah's still on her first leg that she got in June of '11! She'll be getting her new one this month, though.