Monday, January 14, 2013

Amputee choices

So tomorrow we go to see Mr Terry - has it only been a month since we saw him and realized we needed to start on new legs - cuz frankly I feel like I have aged a year in that month.  Good and bad.

Have I ever mentioned I am NOT the most organized person in the world LOL!  So of course Sunday afternoon I realize I need fabric for Cav's new legs - do you know half of the fabric stores in town are closed on Sunday (and I knew I had no time on Monday.)

At first I thought oh what a fun family activity - then I realized how much the fabric ladies would hate me for traipsing my entourage into their fine little quilt store to look for fabric to cover my poor handicapped boys legs - heehee rolling - those blue haired ladies probably would have been talking about us for years LOL!

So I took the next best option and texted pictures to the family from the store.

Cav still really isn't "verbal" enough to make a decision - everything is um, yep.  So since we have to look at his legs, I let the other kids choose with the restriction that they had to be friendly for preschool AND Kindergarten just encase they last that long!

Loved the pandas but no else did
Loved the dragons but we thought we would wait a few years

No one liked crayons Ugh you people kill me
Then we saw the Dr Suess collect - FUN!!


Hmmm Dino's are cute!
I thought puppies were cute and daddy thought bones were perfect

BUT then we all agreed on!!

I am not sold on bright red legs but they will be cute for 4th of July LOL!

So what do you think?
We really wanted sharks but have not found any shark fabric anywhere - if you see some we would love 1/2 yard!!

And in all his cuteness
watching the Broncos win um lose
Griffen using Brahm's Globetrotter's ball as a footstool
(see those feet - yeah that's why you don't buy shoes to bring to China LOL!)


  1. go to then put sharks in the search box- you can find about any fabric out there on this site and order it from the fabric shop!
    I love the choices!
    We need to see Mr. Terry soon, but I haven't planned our trip that way yet.

  2. I love the pandas! The cows and zebras are cute, too. Hannah's leg is boring flesh tone. I'm afraid a print would clash with half her outfits!

  3. What fun fabrics! What a great idea! By the way, the picture of Griffen at the end is ABSOLUTELY adorable!! What a treasure...

  4. Fun choices!! You can buy fabric on ebay! They have lots of choices for shark fabric:

  5. Send me your address. Really only half a yard? I live in the land of sharks! Also, I would love to have you come in for a cup of coffee and chat about speech issues, what's working for you and what's not?

  6. THanks guys - we didn't have time to order because I realized on Sunday we needed it this morning - so red cat & the hat legs will be what he gets LOL! Luckily, he grows so dang fast we only will probably have them 6 months and then hopefully I will have awesome shark fabric after that!!

  7. Okay, I have to ask. Is the reason that you want shark fabric because you tell people (tongue firmly implanted in your cheek) that he was a shark attack victim? That's what we tell folks here that get to asking our double amp son what, "happened to his legs?". Makes them pause and then smile at the realization it was a bit of a personal question! Might have even come up with that from reading your blog!


  8. Oh and our son's first stubbies were superman symbols, and his current ones with knees are plain metal. He's proud to wear full pants with pockets though. :)


  9. I love the pandas! You can't go wrong with the Dr. though. Too fun!

    Griffen is so cute!!

  10. Here's a couple for next time.