Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting ready for 5!

No new news, and although we have a friend who works for homeland security he doesn't know anyone with the I800-A group.  Bummer, I would love to light a fire . . . oh wait I am failing my patience journey!

So instead we are using the summer to clean out and get ready for our '60%' increase!  We have decided that the two girls will share rooms and the two little boys.  This will leave us with a guest bedroom / recuperation room for when the kids want to get away and feel like a vacation in a hotel room including a TV!  BUT we really need to clean out the rooms and figure out logistics.

We were going to do bunk beds but for the little boys I was worried that it might be a little dangerous.  Both little boys are very strong upper body and not so much lower body.  Can you jsut see them swinging from a bunk bed!!  Sooo, luckily we have a pottery barn bed for little man so we will be using a trundle and his twin bed for a while.  Hopefully this will work.  The girls will also have the same twin and trundle combination.  This should maximize space as well as being close to the floor for our little ones.

Little Mans train table will take over my scrapbooking area.  I don't think I will have much time for my love of all things Stampin' Up once I have 3 little ones.  I am not getting rid of it completely, just parring down.  Thankfully they have My Digital Studio so I can still scrapbook without needing tons of stuff and space.  It's all digital and AWESOME!!

Anyhow, continued prayers that we get this approval SOON!

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