Monday, June 13, 2011


Ok since I have no new adoption news, I have some fun pictures of our Sunday project!

We (as in my husband & the boys) finally got the run built so our fast growing chicks have a place outside to play & eat!  The darling yellow house was a great find off of craigslist!  It has been HOT around here and even with the windows open I was afraid we would have boiled chickens of they didn't get a run soon!

Little man decided he was in charge of feeding the chickens - ONE kernel at a time LOL!!  Everyone had a ball.  We have a variety of chickens including dwarfs so that everyone has chickens they can relate to!!  Little man's is the little dark one called Batman!  Now little man loves the chickens - Batman . . . um not so much!

History on the chickens.  We had 5 last year when the school did the Honk musical.  We brought 5 babies home.  One ended up being a rooster so he had to go since we lived in the middle of town.  And yes most places let you have up to 10 chickens in your backyard.  They make great pets, the kids love them, and they eat the bugs out of your lawn.  Then we MOVED!  Yes we moved the chickns, and about the time they started laying the most beautiful eggs a dog came and got them all :0(  This was late fall/ early winter.  

So this spring we bought a variety of chicks from numerous feed stores.  We had a really hard time finding easter eggers (americauna's) because they lay blue, green and sometimes pink eggs!  We also found some Bantams which are dwarf chickens.  So now we have 14 chickens, and still trying to figure out if we have any roosters.  

THis little guy is a turken which I thought were SOOO cute - everyone else not so much!  You can also see the old aquarium we left the babies in until they were fully feathered.  So there are our chickens.  In perspective, they should be laying eggs about 2 months before we travel to China - We HOPE!!

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