Friday, June 24, 2011

Dossier to China - her we come!

We did it!!  We aren't quite DTC (dossier to China) but our agency will have all of our paperwork on Monday and then they will send it to the Chinese Consulate.  Once this is certified? then our paperwork will be on it's way!!

Why is this such a huge deal - because when we started this journey I didn't think there was anyway we could have DTC by our deadline of August 17, 2011.  Mind you when we found our sweet little FeiFei we had NOTHING done.  We didn't even have passports!  Now we should be DTC almost 6 weeks early!  THe sad part is that we could have been two months early except for a few glitches.

Our journey is long but as with a pregnancy - the day will soon be here and we will hold our babies in our arms.  Ok I know they aren't babies but close enough!!  The wait begins but atleast it is now fully in God's hands and His timing.

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