Monday, June 20, 2011

The 60% upgrade & Father's Day

What is a 60% upgrade - our adoption.  My darling husband who at one time was a very reluctant husband refers to our new additions simply as our 60% upgrade.  Three current kids, and adding 2 equals about 60% increase in children.  It is so funny and so him!  Now mind you this is a man who plans on coming home from China with the little ones and telling HIS friends that they were to cute to leave behind.  He lives a very zen life - as opposed to my OCD planned life!  That being said he is the most amazing father.  What has surprised me is how much adopting has brought us even closer together and more head over heels for him.  The best I can relate this to is when we were young and expecting out first child.  He is truly an amazing man and such an incredible father.

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