Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Celebrating our Fei!

I have to admit the past 2 birthdays for our daughter have been with so much heartache that I haven't really been able to celebrate.  The first one we were just days away from receiving her LOA and thinking she was being returned to the orphanage.  Then last year I had such a hard time celebrating because we know that this isn't really her birthday infact we are pretty sure it isn't even her birth month - probably more like Spring.

But this year we are celebrating!

We are celebrating this magnificent little creation that is the epitome of God's love and joy!

We are celebrating all of the people who have loved her along the way and the true treasures of finding little snip bits ~ from this pic from Half the Sky we found during our wait (on page 6)

To her pics from Madison's Camp Tiger 2

We are celebrating the dramatic changes in her life

from the scared little girl who "got on the bus and China momma was crying so hard"

TO a champion proud of herself and accomplishments

We are celebrating OUR daughter
 and all of the red threads along the way! 

Happy birthday sweet girl !

Her dream finally came true and she got her ears pierced!!

Love all the boys looking so thrilled for her!!

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  1. She is absolutely adorable! The joy on her face is priceless! :)