Monday, September 23, 2013

FLoating away

SOrry folks, we are actually fine.  We live at the top of a huge hill which is bad for hail, wind, and lightening but we stayed safe from the torrential rain that poured around us.

We were in Denver in the midst of the worst on the first day.  WHen the standing water is higher than the bumpers on the city buses you get scared.  Luckily, my sweet hubby was with me in the car.

THere are many hurting people and as the waters recede we are once again faced with hurting communities - those who need items, who need prayers, and our time.  We are currently figuring out that portion.

We are floating away in other ways though LOL!

When people say high school is busy - IT IS BUSY!

Our oldest is only a freshman but really hit the ground running with football practice everyday, games, FCA (along with leadership), working doing landscaping and all I can say is HE SO NEEDS his license.

Nevermind the other kids and all their activities!!

It's funny, although I joke about homeschooling, we really thought about it for a bit.  I mean between the paperwork, the lunches, the constant issues at school - there are parts that it jsut would be easier.

BUT . . . we also feel very strongly that part of our mission is to be front and center in our community.  Tao (our little fisher of men) makes adoption seem not so scary, I feel like we are leaving bread crumbs as we go, ok I pray they are pebbles and they survive but still.

THis is a decision that affects our entire family.  Our big kids get comments, and they are slowly learning to answer in godly ways that not only glorify Him but also plant those seeds.  We may never know the people we touch.

However a school who when the current principle walked into and asked who poured bleach into our almost exclusively white school, had to hire an ESL teacher this year.  I cheer when I see children of many colors AND more importantly differently abled.  CHildren who also come from larger families who understand the plight of the orphans as well as our calling to care for them.

THis decision and events surrounding it, makes us feel like we are on a raging river, not sure of where we are going but being pulled along by the currents.  We are solidly feeling like our life raft - the Bible - is keeping us a float.  Please would you keep us in your prayers for a bit as we navigate our way.

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  1. I am so thankful you are all safe and well! I have been thinking and praying for the people in Colorado. Such a hard year!

    I know you family is a light to all who know you. What a wonderful call Jesus has on your lives.