Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunshine Kids Radian carseat and low weight kids

Ok, our little guy is 27 lbs and almost 5 years old, needless to say he is low weight!!  As I said we just purchased the Sunshine Kids Radian carseats to try out.  WE LOVE THEM!!  THe most important part is that there is an energy absorbing attachment that they recommend all forward facing children under 40 lbs. This attachment has some give and in the case of an accident I think it keeps our little ones from slamming against the hard straps resulting in internal damage etc.  Anyhow, here is the picture from the manual that shows the attachment as well as the information.  I have no idea why they don't advertise this better, as it would defiantely be a plus for our children who have low weight children especially those with dwarfism who will be low weight for years.

In addition, this is the first carseat (including the Britax) that our little guy can fall asleep in and not double over and hang.  He stayed completely upright during our long drive to Denver.

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